funky mother - album

by: analog son


Analog Son’s fourth full-length album is their most robust effort yet with a 12-song collection of instant classics composed by co-founders and longtime musical collaborators, Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman. This album differs in a couple of key manners. For one, Linit and Fairman have cultivated a steadfast crew of top-call musicians to round out their roster as opposed to the “Steely Dan” format the group has used with a rotating studio cast on the prior three albums. In addition to Linit on guitar and Fairman on bass, these musicians include: Devon Parker & Ashley Niven (vocals), Eric Luba (keyboards), George Horn (drums), Will Trask (percussion), Mike Chiesa (tenor saxophone), and Gabe Mervine (trumpet).

Producer by Eddie Roberts

Tracking Engineer - Josh Fairman

Scanhope Studios


Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts

Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts

Mastering Engineer - David Glasser

Airshow Mastering

'Funky Mother' by Analog Son

Analog Son - Funky Mother - Color Red Music

Artwork by: Mike Tallman