no way

by: analog son


Analog Son displays a laid back swagger and once again proves their mastery in modern funk music with their red-hot track “No Way.” Featuring decadent vocals by Ashley Niven, precise horn stabs and swells, and polished guitar solo, fans of Aretha Franklin and Mandrill alike will get down and dirty to this soon-to-be-staple in the new wave of funk and soul.

Producer by Eddie Roberts

Jordan Linit - Guitar
Josh Fairman - Bass
George Horn - Drums
Eric Luba - Keys
Nick Gerlach - Tenor Sax
Gabe Mervine - Trumpet
Paris Fleming - Trumpet
Jeff Franca - Percussion
Ashley Niven - Vocals

Tracking Engineer - Josh Fairman

Scanhope Studios


Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts

Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts

Mastering Engineer - David Glasser

Airshow Mastering


Artwork by: Mike Tallman