by: death by dub


“Guillotine” delivers a hard-driving, sinister sound powered by a pounding beat. Death by Dub’s fourth release is a nod to Elliot Martin and John Brown’s Body. Martin is both a mentor and musical colleague of the group and they sought to channel his writing style as they went into the session. Scott Flynn and Drew Sayers sync up to deliver assured horn lines that levitate over the pocket of Dan Africano (bass) and Jonny Jyemo (drums). Eric Luba (keys) and Ryan Jalbert (guitar) accentuate the dub with an unapologetic sense of rhythm to round out the salute to one of the most prominent figures in modern reggae music

Produced by Dan Africano



Dan Africano - Electric Bass
Scott Flynn - Trombone
Drew Sayers - Tenor Saxophone
Ryan Jalbert - Electric Guitar
Jonny Jyemo - Drums
Eric Luba - Organ

Jeff Franca - Drums


Recorded by Mike Tallman
Color Red Studios


Mixed by Josh Fairman
Scanhope Sound


Mastered by Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Artwork by: Mike Tallman