R U Ready

by: Freekbass


“R U Ready” leans into a groove throwing it back to the Raw Westbound Records era of funk. The musical craftsmanship is evidenced by Freekbass and drummer Rico Lewis dialing in the pocket and meticulously syncing up ghost notes and accents giving the tune a head bobbing swagger. Originally hailing from a voice memo in his phone, Freekbass closed out the last day of the Color Red session reworking this track with Eddie Roberts, who had been wanting to add a laid back track to the record. The end product feel situates itself nicely in the storied catalog of hard-hitting Ohio funk. 

"We were on our last day of recording at Color Red Studios. Eddie asked me if we had anything with a laid-back tempo. I got up extra early on our last day and started going through all of my voice-memos on my phone and found a track that we had only played live once, which I wrote as an intro-type track for our live show. We reworked some of the parts in the studio to make it a complete song. Rico and I really locked in, getting all of our bass and drum ghost-notes together, pushing the funk meter up a bit. All of us participated in a large group vocal to give the melody almost chant-like quality. “R U Ready” is a track that feels like being at home, in the funk I grew up with." - Freekbass


Produced by Eddie Roberts



Freekbass - Bass

Rico Lewis - Drums

Sky White - Keyboards

Eddie Roberts - Guitar

Sammi Garrett - Vocals

Tracking Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Tascam 388


Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts

Color Red Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs

Doug Krebs Mastering

'All the Way This. All the Way That.' - Freekbass


Freekbass - R U Ready - Color Red Music