many faces

by: joey porter trio


The Motet’s keyboardist, Joey Porter, pulls out all the stops in “Many Faces,” a fierce jazz fusion magnum opus calling upon bandmate Garrett Sayers (Bass, The Motet) and Michelangelo Carubba (Drums, Turkuaz) to summon the spirits of Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, and Billy Cobham in this Color Red collaboration.

Dedicated fans of The Motet will revel in Porter’s percussive clavinet and expansive synth pads, while old heads of Return to Forever and The Headhunters will find themselves basking in the familiarity of brazen synth leads, driving bass virtuosity, and assertive drum build-ups. “Many Faces” pays homage to past jazz cross-over greats while confidently adding signature nuances of three of the heaviest hitters in the jam-funk scene today.


Produced by Josh Fairman



Joey Porter - Keyboards

Garret Sayers - Bass Guitar

Michaelangelo Carubba - Drums
Josh Fairman - Tracking Engineer

Color Red Studios

Tascam 388


Josh Fairman - Mixing Engineer
Scanhope Sound


David Glasser - Mastering Engineer
Airshow Mastering


Joey Porter Trio - Many Faces - Color Red Music

Artwork by: Mike Tallman