trouble ft. lamar williams jr.

by: the new mastersounds


Eddie Roberts (guitarist and bandleader of The New Mastersounds/founder of Color Red) first met Lamar Williams Jr. at a benefit show in Denver, CO in early 2018 coordinated by Peter Levin (keyboardist in The Gregg Allman Band). They connected instantly, both musically and interpersonally and when The New Mastersounds passed through Atlanta 3 months later, Williams enthusiastically joined the quartet for 3 songs and cultivated seeds of a long-lasting musical relationship.


“Trouble” is a testament to this fortified musical bond. Recorded in November 2018, The New Mastersounds laid a silky pad rhythmic precision allowing Williams to float on top with his assured, yet demure vocals and John Macy’s hypnotic pedal steel lines. The group will be following up with a socially-charged video to be released at the end of the month. Collaborations like this epitomize Roberts’ vision when founding Color Red as a platform for musical compatriots to document all-original music.


“In general, the song inspiration came from how I think people perceive each other without giving love a chance for them to learn and lend their abilities to each unique situation,” Williams explains. 


Produce by Eddie Roberts
Color Red

Graphic Design by Mike Tallman

Photography by Jason Melino


Tracking Engineers - Eddie Roberts, Mike Tallman & Dan Cohn
Color Red Studios


Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios


Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering


The New Mastersounds - Trouble ft. Lamar Williams Jr - Color Red Music

Artwork by: Mike Tallman