RECRED: Volume 1​ is an eclectic collection of remixes by Artifakts, Daily Bread, Congo Sanchez, and Recess that tackle fresh approaches to songs by Color Red artists Matador! Soul Sounds, Analog Son, and The Echo System.


The “RECRED” compilation series aims to bridge the gap between today's greatest funk and soul artists with fans drawn to international dance music and club beats.


C​olor Red Founder, Eddie Roberts, remarks on the nature of remixes:


“The main thing I love about remixers is their approach. Generally, remixes are dancefloor focused, and the creators are the very people who present them to the club audience. This gives them a whole different perspective than the musicians/writers on the original recording.


In my experience, remixers don’t tend to be traditionally trained musicians, and therefore don’t fall into the traps of conventional composition rules. Instead, using their ears and instincts to create tension and release in their music, which in turn can create more original sounds.


I also love the rhythmic focus of remixes, again with their attention to the dancefloor - it’s all about the groove!”


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