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RECESS blends their funk backbone with swanky bass lines, bouncing old school beats, smooth guitar, and biting spacey synthesizer leads to take the listener on a methodical musical journey intended to touch on as many genres as possible. Since forming in 2014, Recess has spent countless hours in the studio perfecting their sound as well as performing live shows centered around a playground of improvisation and their intrinsic love for music. The duo, comprised of Fort Smith, AR based guitarist/producer Drew Birch and keyboardist Ian Gilley, have conjured a genre-bending sound, which channels everything from EDM to jazz and hip-hop. In 2016, Recess released their debut album "The Brothel Gospel" which entwines intricate melodies, raw funk, and powerful grooves that create a unique listening experience and make for an eccentric live performance. Their follow up EP "Channel Drift" with Cobrayama encompasses jazz fusion with heavy-hitting beats and a complex writing style that is unparalleled to contemporary electronic music.