red eye sessions volume 2

ABOUT THIs series

Turntables on the Hudson co-founder Nappy G adorns Freekbass’ thumping single “Blizzard Lizard” with zesty layers of percussion and an entrancing chromatic build that simultaneously bumps while working the club into a laid back hypnosis. The Granada-based producer DJ Toner takes Matador Soul Sounds’ sultry single “Stingy Love” and spices it up with a mid-tempo funky, broken beat reworking. Reed Mathis’ Electric Beethoven project has already captivated audiences around the world reworking Beethoven classics in modern jam-jazz light. The tropical DJ duo, Guacamayo Tropical, takes Mathis’ spin on “For Elise” and flips it with cumbia grooves and improvisational sequences that complement late-night dance parties around the world.