sal's greenhouse

about the artist

Bay Area-stalwarts of soul, Sal’s Greenhouse will release a brand new EP on March 27th, 2020. Produced by Justin Stanley, who has a laundry list of production credits ranging from Prince to Beck to Leonard Cohen and beyond, the group has created their most polished album to date.‘Bloom’ shows the band at its peak with the promise of continuing to reach new heights. “4-Ever” premiered on SoulTracks in January 2020 and it’s a four-on-the-floor nu-disco heater that taps into the feeling of being freshly in love. “All That I Need” offers a sultry strut recounting a breakup and getting out with your head held high. The band shows off their instrumental side with the afrobeat-inspired track “What.” “Tight Ship” is a head bobber that displays the crafty drum work of James Small and in-the-pocket clavinet grooves courtesy of Craig Schneider. The EP concludes on a high note with “Hope” highlighting Green’s soaring vocals backed up by rich backup vox and driving guitar.