Hipnotic nomad

by: The Echo system


Imagine yourself on a picturesque journey taking in the vibrancy of Mali and West Africa. The lush scenery and indomitable sense of adventure are accompanied by a soundtrack of Tinariwen and Vieux Farka Toure. “Hipnotic Nomad” by The Echo System will find listeners arriving in a familiar place.


The Echo System was born out of collaboration at Color Red Studios during the Summer of 2018. "Hipnotic Nomad" has a percussive and pulsing vibe with swirling West African-style guitar and driving bass. Subtle textures on the Fender Rhodes electric piano by Joe Tatton (of The New Mastersounds) create a comfortable bed to support the groove. This is the third track from this series released on Color Red with more to come in 2019.


Josh Fairman
Jeff Franca
Mike Tallman


Josh Fairman - Bass
Mike Tallman - Guitar
Joe Tatton - Keyboards
Jeff Franca - Drums/Percussion 

Josh Fairman - Tracking Engineer

Color Red Studios
Tascam 388


Josh Fairman - Mixing Engineer
Scanhope Sound


David Glasser - Mastering Engineer
Airshow Mastering


The Echo System - Hipnotic Nomad - Color Red Music

Artwork by: Mike Tallman