Out west / love tree

by: The Echo system


What started as a rehearsal between three founding members of Color Red has evolved into a spirited project featuring Jeff Franca (Drums - Thievery Corporation), Josh Fairman (Bass - co-owner of Scanhope Sound, artist of Sunsquabi /Analog Son), Mike Tallman (Guitar - Euforquestra and lead artists at Add Noise Studios, who has produced art for Pretty Lights, Anders Osbourne, and more).


“Out West/Love Tree” 7” is the first release of a full collection of music with roots in rock and jazz that highlights each musician tastefully with no stepping on toes and no overplaying—just sonic artistry at its finest. During this session, Joe Tatton from The New Mastersounds was in town and helmed keyboard duties to round the track out with a plushy extra layer of organ. This release was recorded straight to tape on a Tascam 388 and recorded at Color Red Studios in Denver, Colorado in summer 2018.


Josh Fairman
Jeff Franca
Mike Tallman


Josh Fairman - Bass
Mike Tallman - Guitar
Joe Tatton - Keyboards
Jeff Franca - Drums/Percussion 

Josh Fairman - Tracking Engineer

Color Red Studios
Tascam 388


Josh Fairman - Mixing Engineer
Scanhope Sound


David Glasser - Mastering Engineer
Airshow Mastering


TES-outwest-3000x3000 (4).jpg

Artwork by: Mike Tallman