ugly mug

by: Analog son

remixed by: recess


Josh Fairman, Bassist and co-founder of Analog Son, met Recess in 2017 when they were on tour with his “electronic hydro-funk” trio, Sunsquabi. From the beginning, he loved their vibe and was profoundly impressed with their musicality and production skills. He sent him stems of the recently finished Analog Son record ‘Funky Mother’ and gave them creative freedom to just “have fun.” What came back blew minds!

They laid down a whole new chord progression over the melody, sprinkled in tasteful minimalist guitar riffs, and filled it out with bumping bass lines all while upholding the sassy integrity of the original.

Produced by 


Graphic Art by Mike Tallman


RECRED-102-01-DS - Analog Son - Ugly Mug

Artwork by: Mike Tallman